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Dennis Farmer

Chief Executive Officer

Dennis Farmer was raised in Shafter, California, a small farming town in Central Valley. At 24, Dennis took an entry level position with the State of California and promoted through the budgetary and accounting areas to become the Head of the Accounting Department for Kern Valley State Prison. Experiences during his tenure included activation of two prison facilities, management of budgets and fiscal policy, coordination with legislative accounting and budget affairs, internal control development and implementation, financial security audits, executive level administration of accounting, finance and budget policy.

Through his late 20’s, his struggle with alcohol became more pronounced; and by his early 30’s, alcohol began to affect his personal and professional life. After divorcing his first wife of less than two years, whom he shares a son with, he married for the second time. After less than two years of marriage, Dennis again divorced for the second time from his wife who he had a daughter with. His addiction to alcohol was becoming even more significant in personal choices, though he had not yet come to accept that he had a problem. At this point, even his professional life began to suffer, so he checked into a facility for the first of three stays in rehab. It would be the third and final stay that finally “stuck” and when he truly began the real process of recovery. This last rehab lasted 60 days. It was truly the first time he embraced the recovery process, the 12-steps and most importantly, his reinvestment in faith. Upon arriving for treatment, he was down to 135lbs with pancreatitis and an enlarged liver. He knew was just steps away from losing his life.

It was during his time in treatment that the idea of Legacy Village was born: a vision for an accessible, affordable place where people received quality treatment, assistance and full continuum of care. A full circle (if you will) of recovery-related services that can support the individual and foster a real community-feeling among the clients and alumni.

After leaving the state of California, Legacy become his primary professional pursuit. Since that time, Legacy Village has developed into the example of treatment and recovery services, comparable with any services available today. Today, Mr. Farmer is remarried and with his wife Erica, they are proud to actively participate in life, including with his son, daughter and two step-daughters – a prospect unthinkable during the grips of addiction.

“It is with an unapologetic faith in God, and a daily adherence to the 12 steps, that I remain sober – just for today, and that I’m able to actively participate in the work of Legacy Village, and in Life. According to Dennis, “Through the services we offer I’m able to give back, the solution that I found, to others who still suffer. We’re not just providing help or a way to get clean or sober – we’re giving people a change to recreate a Legacy, for them and their families.”

Dr. Monica Murphy

Medical Director

Monica Jeanne Marian Murphy is the 6th of 11 children born to Millard E. Murphy and Mollie A. Murphy.  She is the only doctor amongst her family and one of several in the Health Care field.

Monica attended St. Andrew’s School in Pasadena, California from the 1st to 12th grade.  She then went on to Loyola/Marymount University in Los Angeles, Ca, where she received a bachelor’s degree in Biology.  Following a one-year break, she attended Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. She was a member of the first class to complete a full 4-year course.  She completed in 5 years and began as a trauma surgical resident in Los Angeles, California at LA County/King-Drew Medical Center in South Central Los Angeles. She completed 3 years of training in that department and then moved to Internal Medicine.  She graduated as Chief Resident of the Department in 1993. Upon graduation, she moved to Bakersfield to begin her practice as a primary care physician for predominantly Medi-Cal and Medi-Care clients.

In addition to serving as the Medical Director for Legacy Village, Dr. Murphy is also the CEO of the Bridges to Wellness Coalition a Non-profit organization that focuses on wellness with a holistic approach.  The health, emotions, spirituality, finance, and social awareness of individuals are nurtured and empowered to be complete and whole. Through this approach, each client experiences utilization of the interactions of each of these aspects and how wellness in each of these areas completes each one.  Total wellness can then influence the climate for change to bring the target individual, as well as all those in their personal circle of influence, toward wellness- impacting not only the client, but the entire community.

Seeking like-minded individuals was how Dr. Murphy found Legacy Village.  She was promoting healthy approaches to substance abuse rehabilitation. Avoiding substance substitutions and promoting full relief from substance abuse was the goal of both Legacy Village and Bridges to Wellness.  Through the merging of thought and approach, the goal is to produce a program like no other. Together all the components of wellness are addressed and enhanced to promote “being clean” rather than just “not using”, which is the true goal of rehabilitation.

Denny Moss

Clinical Director, LMFT

Denny Moss spent the past several decades within the realm of counseling psychology, where he served at various levels of responsibility at numerous social service agencies and in private practice.

He strongly believes in the powerful potential of the counseling experience, to not only make a positive change in the lives of his clients and patients, but in his own life as well.

Denny’s biggest and most important fulfilling lifework, however, has been within the Recovery Movement. Legacy Village’s vision aligns directly with his, in this regard and has afforded him a golden opportunity to continue this important work. Outside of helping individuals, Denny is a former surfer, a beachcomber, sailor and a professional musician.

Denise Farmer

Housing & Programs Consultant

Denise Farmer has more than 3 decades of providing care, transition and housing assistance to various groups in need, throughout the Kern County Community. From the supervision and oversight of local youth, to the technical and special needs of the local developmentally disabled, Denise has a broad knowledge of providing individual care in specialty markets.

After a long care in the non-profit sector, Denise joined Legacy Village. Her dedication to client success, her ability to help individuals clearly define and achieve goals, and her extensive property management resume all allow her to give Legacy Village an upper hand in meeting the housing and aftercare needs of those in recovery.

Denise is a graduate of Shafter High School, in Shafter, California and a lifelong Kern County resident. She has been active in the community, from advocacy to fundraising for dozens of causes and concerns during her 30+ year career. Her dedication and desire to use these skills in the recovery industry has been driven by personal family experiences with individuals who struggle with addiction.

Daisy Graven

Clinical Supervisor, CADC – CAS

Daisy Graven spent her youth, from 16 to 32 in active addiction, struggling with abusive relationships and trouble by activity in gangs – she felt there was no way out.  Towards the end of her active addiction, as things do with this disease, her circumstances worsened. The gang had replaced her family, and drugs were a way of life. That all changed when she entered a life of recovery.

After completing treatment and beginning to put the pieces of her life back together, Daisy decided to further her education, and to give back.  She gained her GED, then went further to complete her Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. Wanting to be part of the recovery community in a larger capacity, Daisy obtained her Certified Addiction Specialist Certification from the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and began work helping other addicts and alcoholics.

Daisy has worked with a number of different populations, and with people from all backgrounds.  Her dedication and perseverance in the field of addiction treatment is an asset to the clients she serves.  Daisy began her career with Legacy Village in 2017 and today serves as the Supervising Counselor for the Oregon Street Recovery Center.

Rebecka Schallock

RADT-1, Lead Technician

Rebecka Schallock leads the Legacy Village Technician team as the Lead Technician.  Ms. Schallock has more than 29 years in recovery, and attributes her personal success to her faith, and working a program daily.  An active member of Celebrate Recovery, a faith-based approach to recovery, Rebecka currently serves as a Ministry Leader. She has held several previous positions at facilities designed to treat addiction and has a passion for all thing’s recovery.  In addition to her current duties, Ms. Schallock is trained and/or certified in Parenting, Life-Skills, Anger Management and Domestic Violence courses. She has been with Legacy Village since 2016.


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