Sober-living communities occupy the space between inpatient care and returning home. They are intended as a supplement to the formal treatment and recovery process by creating an intermediate sober environment with generally less supervision than found in a clinic, but with more structure and peer support than can be expected in the client’s home environment.

Sober Living provides individuals with an alternative to immediate return from treatment. It allows our clients to slowly regain confidence in their ability to function independently, without drugs and alcohol.  In a structured environment, sober living can provide clients with additional tools and resources to face their new life, without using or drinking.  Legacy Village doesn’t just provide sober living, but also an entire sober living community. This is where our clients can work with one another during difficult yet relatable times. Our facilities feature fully-furnished apartment homes, and a community pool in a relaxed and therapeutic atmosphere. All utilities are paid and furnishings are provided. Rather than focusing on bills and furniture, our clients can focus on their goal of getting back on their feet.

Our Sober Living community facilities are newly remodeled, comfortable spaces. Because environment is the key factor here, we ensure that the facilities remain fully furnished, clean, and in good condition. The apartments and the recovering individuals who live there benefit from a responsive, dedicated facility management staff that maintains and upkeeps housing and grounds quality. When you visit our community, you will find residents cooking or barbecuing together, participating in recreational activities, and developing healthy friendships and support systems that last a lifetime. Our sober living and transitional staff work hard to ensure that the newly remodeled facilities are kept in good condition and that each person’s needs are met.

In order to maintain the momentum gained in treatment or in the early days of recovery, sober living helps ensure a safe and supportive environment while allowing individuals to keep their independence and practice new skills. It’s a community of peers and staff that help each other well beyond the goal of sobriety.


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