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Residential Treatment

Our Residential Treatment is a 24 hour, 7 days a week intensive treatment center for adults, men and women, who have been impaired in work, school, finances, health, family or relationships, due to substance abuse. This program strongly directs our clients (and their families) to adopt our sacred prescription of a complete lifestyle of abstinence of alcohol and/or other illicit drugs in order to get the best results in their recovery efforts.

Within the first 3 days after admission, clients are scheduled for numerous 1-on-1 meetings with an admitting physician, a mental health clinician, a substance abuse counselor, a case manager, and a recovery tech. This allows us to create the ideal program for their needs, and also plan out the recovery that includes achievable yet measureable goals. This is then reviewed and adjusted by our multidisciplinary team every 10 days during our client’s stay.

During the first week of admission, our clients will participate in at least 8 hours of group activity per day. These groups include goal setting, symptom management, coping skills, and recreation therapy. The second week of this program group activity includes at least 6 hours a day, and 4 hours a day by week three. The decrease in group activity allows the client to explore more individual care and time spent with clinical and counseling staff. The focus of the fourth week is on recovery planning, coping, and developing stress reduction skills. We also cover planning for relapse prevention. Any suitable outside support meetings and outpatient services will be coordinated during this final week as well.

A successful completion of these program goals and weekly objectives will include the client’s weekly assessment along with the multidisciplinary team’s assessment documented in the treatment record. If a client fails to meet the daily objectives, the weekly objectives, or their own agreed upon goals, a treatment meeting will take place for reevaluation. The treatment meetings could be with the case manager, their counselor, or therapist, to ensure a successful progress in their recovery.

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