The following questions were written by recovering addicts in Narcotics Anonymous. If you have doubts about

whether or not you’re an addict, take a few moments to read the questions below and answer them

as honestly as you can.

Do you ever use or drink alone?
Have you every substituted one drug/substance for another, or one type of alcohol for another, hoping it would reduce the negative impacts or reduce your consumption?
Have you ever withheld information, manipulated or lied to a doctor related to your drinking or in order to get additional medications?
Have you ever been involved in criminal activity as a result of using drugs or drinking, including driving under the influence, stealing drugs or alcohol, or other offenses?
Have you ever used a drug to counter the affects of alcohol, or used alcohol to counter the effects of drugs?
Have you ever used a substance or drank immediatley when you wake up, or in order to go to bed?
Do you avoid places where using drugs or drinking are not permitted, or because those around you make an issue of your usage?
Do you ever drink to excess or use drugs not knowing what effect they would have?
Have your job, school or home life suffered because of using drugs or drinking?
Have you ever had interactions with the criminal-justice system because of using or drinking?
Have you ever lied about how much you use, or how much you drink?
Have you had any financial hardships or difficulties because of using drugs or other substances, or because of drinking?

Based on the questions asked and answered, were you able to determine if there is a problem with your alcohol or drug usage?

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"If you have answered "Yes" to any of the questions asked, please carefully consider speaking to your doctor, or health care professional about your substance use - or call our dedicated professionals for additional information."