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How do you reach your loved one?

Legacy Village offers professional, certified intervention services to help your loved one get into treatment. Our interventionist works directly for Legacy Village, and help provide you with the support you need to feel secure about helping the person in need.

Our intervention services are available immediately, and we offer free phone consultations prior to you making your decision.

We understand how difficult the intervention process can be, and we understand how difficult living with, or around an addict is…

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Day 1 – Preparation & Family Meeting
Day One of the intervention, a professional interventionist will help to prepare family and friends for the actual intervention process:
1.Getting to Know Everyone: Family and friends of the addict will meet with the interventionist after completing a questionnaire and drafting letters to the addict.
2.What is Addiction: Loved ones of the addict must get rid of any pre-conceived ideas about addiction.
3.What is an Enabler: The family will discover how enabling an addict hurts everyone else around them, as well as the addict themselves.
4.Getting Tough: Family and friends will decide how to practice tough love, from healthy boundaries to effective steps to use when dealing with the addict.
5.What’s the plan: Those who have gathered and are concerned for the addict will make decisions on who will be at the intervention and take steps to prepare themselves for an intense and emotional event.

Day 2 – The Intervention
This is a trying and emotional day, and the process should be prepared for:
1.Letters showing Love and Support: Those gathered will try to make an impact on the addict by reading their letters, sharing openly what they have written.
2.Reaction and Feedback: The interventionist will guide the family and the addict through the process, hoping to come to an agreement about getting treatment.
3.Treatment: If the addict isn’t willing to agree to get help, the interventionist will continue – and the process will be moderated until no other options are available to our professional staff. Most, more than 85% of addicts, WILL agree to treatment with firm, confident and stable intervention.


You can also request a call from an addiction expert: We will contact you as soon as possible.