Making Amends After Addiction Treatment – Drug Rehab

After addiction treatment at a top drug rehab facility like Legacy Village, LLC, individuals come to realize that successful recovery means following all the steps. Two of these are critical and they both involve rebuilding damaged or broken relationships and/or making amends. But it’s not as easy one might think. And making amends isn’t about [...]

Carefully Selecting Addiction Treatment Options Designed For You!

Before we jump into a brief overview of some of the more popular available drug addiction treatment and recovery options, it is important to realize that everyone is different. Some people are able to take much faster progress through the rehabilitation process. Perhaps they have a great support system waiting for them once they leave [...]

Signs You May Be in a Codependent Relationship and Addiction

People can become addicted to any number of substances or behaviors, including drugs, gambling, sex and food, but can you become addicted to another person? In some sense, yes – it’s called codependency, and it can be extremely damaging to both individuals. Codependency can arise in any type of relationship, but we most commonly think [...]

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