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Our Mission Statement

Legacy Village is a private organization that seeks to help individuals and their loved ones who suffer with an addiction. Our goal is to help our clients redesign and rebuild their legacy by giving them the tools to live a productive, contributing, and fulfilling lifestyle, without substance abuse.

Our Philosophy of Recovery

Our entire program is strategically designed to structure our client’s lifestyle, during the duration of their time with us. Through working with our staff, they will learn about productive lifestyle activities of daily living. They will also be provided with structured therapeutic and educational groups and learn recovery choices that they can embrace. Our dedicated staff are effective with setting limits to avoid and minimize the client’s anticipated undermining of our therapeutic milieu and ultimately their effective treatment.

We are aware that co-occurring mental health conditions are likely present and those issues need to be addressed. The disease of addiction does not exist in a vacuum. Often, one disorder shows up before the other. However, the mental health issues are not often understood or recognizable. The mental health issues often enhance the use of alcohol and other drugs, resulting in the masking of the mental health issue. We are aware that both of these disorders occur in families and are often seen over generations. Our staff looks for these conditions and encourages the client and their families and loved ones to learn about both and to understand them as an integral part of healthy and successful living.

Despite the stigma that exists with co-occurring disorders, our multidisciplinary treatment team and ancillary staff are trained to be sensitive to such issues. However, the solution for living well with these conditions is the same: to live a deliberate, structured, productive, spiritual, and meaningful lifestyle that is not only good for one’s self, but also considers others who play an important part in their daily lives.

L – Lead
Be a leader in the fight against your addiction, by showing the willingness and acceptance necessary to take certain steps.
E – Engage
Take initiative in the process of recovery, including the participation in meetings, 12-step programs and/or community and faith based programs.
G – God…  
…or a Higher Power of Your Understanding…Those who are successful in recovery will attest, it is through the identification and repair of character defects and a spiritual malady that as individuals we recover.
 A –Action
Take the steps outlined as a program of recovery, and remain focused on doing the “next right thing” and the “next indicated step”.
C – Carry
Realize that you cannot keep something, specifically your recovery, without also giving it away – and you cannot give away something you do not have.  Once you have taken certain steps – carry the message forward to others who still suffer.
Y – Yourself
Through the process, set goals – first and foremost towards achieving your own recovery – believe in yourself and your ability to recover.  In active addiction, many lose the true person they were meant to be.  Through the journey of recovery, we rediscover our true selves, and begin to create our Legacy.


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