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About Legacy Village

Legacy Village is a family-oriented, full-service company providing addiction treatment and sober living services to adults. We offer treatement services for individuals struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism. This includes individuals, couples, families, and multi-family group counseling and therapy sessions. Our sober living communities provide additional support, aftercare and options to indivduals continuing thier recovery journey. Legacy Village is dedicated to providing a place of healing, recovery, and continued aftercare for men and women. We want to give each person the chance to rejoin the community, their family, and others in a productive way.

Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Understanding your options for treatment will guide you to on road to recovery. Addiction treatment will vary from client to client, depending on their needs and condition, which is why we offer Inpatient Treatment and Outpatient Treatment.

Sober Living

Our Residential Treatment is a 24 hour,
7 days a week intensive treatment center for adults, who have been impaired in work, school, finances, health, family
or relationships, due to substance

Sober Living

Our Outpatient Treatment program can be very valuable for those who need assistance overcoming their addiction, but also want the freedom to continue working and living at home while they recover.

Sober Living bakersfield

Sober Living provides individuals with an alternative to immediate return from treatment. It allows our clients to slowly regain confidence in their ability to function independently, without drugs and alcohol.


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